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I have written this guide together with someone qualified to write nutrition plans. Nutrition is vital in order to make progress in the gym. It has helped me to not only grow but also slim down my waist. I have created a guide reflecting everything I have learnt.The guide is an ebook.

The guide includes
  • A 25 page science section (which I have also summaries in a few pages so you do not need to read it all).
  • 40 recipes - for each recipe I have worked out the MACRO's and explained how to adapt each meal to maintenance/weight gain/weight loss.
  • There is a picture for all the meals/recipes.
  • The recipes include breakfast, lunch/dinner, snack and shakes.
  • Advice on bulking and cutting
  • Advice on how to calculate your MACROS (without an online calculator)
  • MACRO ratio's for staying lean and maintaining growth.

The guide is perfect for both males and females, and for weight gain/loss/maintenance as for each meal it is explained how to adapt it to your needs.

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Fitness Guide


8 Week Glute Guide

I started going to the gym 3 years ago, when I started I had no idea what I was doing and so I didn’t see the results I wanted for a long time! I spent my first 1-2 years of going to the gym doing exercises wrong and doing the wrong exercises! It took me years to develop an effective gym routine and work out which exercises work best. Once I regularly started training, knowing what I was doing I saw results much quicker! My aim was to create a guide including everything I wish I knew when I started going to the gym! I am hoping that with this guide I can help you guys achieve you goals quicker!

The guide includes
  • A full body 8 week workout routine (predominantly focused on legs) but also including
    - HIIT workouts
    - Ab circuits
    - Upper body and back days
  • Access to a mobile app containing all the workouts with videos
  • Basic advice on nutrition
  • Basic advise on supplements
  • My Transformation
  • How to grow muscles – the basics
  • How to adapt the guide to your personal goals
  • Access to a private Facebook group
Price: £24.99 / €28.70 / $32.60
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My Transformation

I did a lot of cardio based sport throughout school and college including athletics. This lead to me being thinner. I stopped doing sport and did little to no physical activity during my first year in university. Due to my unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity (and a fair amount of alcohol) I gained weight around my stomach and other arears which I didn’t like. I have included a lot of transformation photos so you can see my progress on different arears of my body. I was always sceptical of how much you can actually change your body but I hope I hope that my transformation shows you that with a good workout routine and some determination everyone can change their figure! Even though there are certainly still things I would like to change about my body I am much more confident in the way I look.

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